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  1. The Overlook has been mostly cleaned of fire retardant but the stain on the ground and path will remain until the rains can wash it away.  He said the view still looks pretty darned good considering!
  2. He hiked the draw trail down to the creek trail with a trail crew and did some clean-up upstream. The fire only jumped the creek in one spot and they did some tread repair in that section. The 900 camp was not touched by the fire! (I am so happy to hear that!) The fire did jump the creek downstream of the Overlook to the trailhead end, but the impact was sort of sporadic.  Because some trees were killed and burned, the FS will keep the creek trail closed until next spring.  Most likely, they will block off the 880 road as well to keep people from accessing the upstream end. Same will be true of the draw trail.
  3. The damage to the PRT Extension trail was pretty bad up near the tree plantation.  So, Marvin and Amy did a serious reroute of the trail and that was completed this last week by Marvin’s trail crew. He said it turned out pretty good but will want our help in fine tuning it! Bulldozers did cross the trail in a couple of other places but those areas have already been fixed. The decision hasn’t been made yet on whether it will remain closed until next spring!
  4. The Peterson Burn trail had a lot of fire activity and will remain closed until next spring or longer!
  5. The Met-Win obviously had a lot of fire impacts.  However, Marvin said that a lot of that was from low intensity burning.  There were a few really hot spots and some dozer lines across the trail. Crews are working as they can to fix the damaged sections. This section of trail will most likely remain closed until next spring.
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Sisters Trails Alliance is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to connect people and communities to each other and their natural surroundings. The organization maintains the Peterson Ridge Trail System, hosts an annual speaker series and supports various trail-related activities and events throughout the year.  P.O. Box 1871, Sisters, Oregon 97759, 541-719-8822

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